Should I Use Hip Protectors?

Hip ProtectorIf you are having problems with your balance and have a history of falling or bumping yourself you may want to consider wearing hip protectors.  The hip protector works by absorbing an impact from a fall deflecting the force away from the hip bone and reducing the chance of fracturing your hip by over 50%.

With over 90% of hip fractures due to falls which can take an extended period of time to heal and in some cases result in a disabling permanent injury, wearing hip protectors will give you confidence to carry on your day to day life while providing you with the reassurance that if you have a mishap you have taken measures to limit any hip injuries that may occur.

Hip protectors are made of soft, durable materials that can be worn during the day and night.  They are available in a variety of styles including shorts, underwear, and sweat pants which can be easily cleaned along with your regular laundry.

Key points to remember – Hip Protectors will:

  1. Protect you from hip injuries due to falls and knocks
  2. Provide you with confidence and reassurance to stay mobile
  3. Improve your overall health by allowing you to lead an active life
  4. Reduce the severity of an injury if a fall occurs

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