Why Look After Your Feet

Foot Care

We all tend to take our feet for granted.  But if we do not look after them, every step could be a pain.  If you have diabetes it’s even more crucial.  The skin on the soles of your feet is thick for a reason – it has to put up with a lot of friction when you work.  But if some areas are under particular pressure, painful corns and calluses can develop.  If the skin gets cracked, you could be at risk of infection getting into your system and uncared for nails can rub nearby skin and make walking very painful.

Putting Your Feet Up

The blood supplying your feet has a long way to go against gravity to get to your heart.  The muscles in your calves help pump blood back, but this only happens if you use them regularly.  So if you sit or stand still for long periods, it’s hardly surprising if you feet feel swollen and, as a result, uncomfortable.  If your feet are swollen or achy after lots of walking, lie back on your sofa with your feet up over one arm of the sofa so they’re higher than your heart.  This way gravity will help the blood flow back, relieving the tension in the skin and soft tissue.

Should your feet be higher up on your list of priorities? Absolutely!

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