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Why Look After Your Feet

Foot Care We all tend to take our feet for granted.  But if we do not look after them, every step could be a pain.  If you have diabetes it’s even more crucial.  The skin on the soles of your feet is thick for a reason – it has to put up with a lot […]

Should I Use A Walker?

If you are suffering from shortness of breath, arthritis, hip pain, or isolation due to problems with mobility, a walker can help in alleviating these and many other common complaints as we all grow older. Many common misconceptions are that a walker will restrict you from going places, that they are bulky and difficult to […]

Should I Use Hip Protectors?

If you are having problems with your balance and have a history of falling or bumping yourself you may want to consider wearing hip protectors.  The hip protector works by absorbing an impact from a fall deflecting the force away from the hip bone and reducing the chance of fracturing your hip by over 50%. […]